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Frequently questions

Please click below one of the questions that you have in mind, if you do not see a question that you wish to ask, please give us a call at +52 624 358 0041, someone from our dispatch team will be happy to assist you for further information.

About your Driver

When you arrive to the airport in Los Cabos, first you are going to go through immigrations, following you will be guided to the baggage claim area where you are going to wait for your luggage. Once you have picked up your luggage you will be directed to customs. After you have cleared customs, please proceed to walk OUTSIDE your arrival terminal -it is very important to go all the way out since there will be large groups of "tourist advisors" which will try to stop you and claim to give you information about Los Cabos however what they really do is sell time share, offering tours for free or discounted prices. For your own convenience please do not stop anywhere between customs and the airport exit doors.

IMPORTANT: in your arrival just go outside where the canopys are and look under the canopy #4 and #5, one of our representatives will be there waiting and will attend you gladly so you can start enjoying your holidays. Make sure you are one of our drivers and not another company (probably timeshare). Our representatives hold a sign with your name and our logo (Ocean Ride)
Airport Transportation: Our chauffeurs routinely arrive at airport terminal pick up location 30 minutes after the flight arrives. 45 min is the approximate time between the flight’s gate and the terminal’s exit. If you are having problems contacting your representative at the airport, you can call at +52 624 358 0041 (Cell Phone). Whether your flight is on time, early or late, we'll be there on-time and we'll wait for 45 minutes from your flight arrival time - plenty of time for you to get through security and collect your bags.
Transfers between Hotels or Departures: Our chauffeurs routinely arrive at any pick-up location (at a residence, hotel or place) 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. If driver has not arrived in this time frame, please call +52 624 358 0041 (Cell Phone).
Gratuity is not included, but you can tip your chauffeur at your own discretion.

Booking and vouchers

You will receive a receipt automatically in your email once the balance total is paid in full. We recommend printing your voucher and bring it with you or keep in digital.
A notice in advanced is required for any change or cancellation to avoid possible additional charges. Change or cancellation of any limo service require a 24-hour notice prior pick up time and it is subject to availability.
Yes, open services per hours are billed as per the time you request, and vehicle is assigned to your service during this time. You can make changes 24 hours before the service without extra charges.
Make your reservations well in advance. Due to the state of Baja California Sur transportation law, we require to have all transportation services information set and reserved 2 days before your arrival.

Vehicles availability changes daily and we suggest for you to place the reservation as soon as you have firm travel dates and times. Although you may book your transfer(s) online up to 8 hours before your travel date (ONLY ARRIVAL), we recommend that you book as early as possible. By booking your transfer(s) early, you have the best chance of beating any price increases, which may occur at any time during the year, specially prior to each holiday season. We receive booking 24/7 through our website and vehicles may not be available from one hour to the other. Please call our Customer Service Center if you need a transfer within 3 hours.
Good question, because not all the taxi services offer it. Our Meet & Greet Service is included with our regular Los Cabos airport transfer service, so instead of having to find your taxi outside the airport, we come to you. Simply head to arrivals as usual and our driver will be waiting with your name card. Introduce himself and will help with your luggage and escort you to the vehicle.
Give us your flight number, departure time and airline when you book, and we'll adjust your pick-up time automatically.
Important: always read your booking confirmation email, as it may contain important information to help you to locate your driver.
You can cancel your reservation by phone (+52 624 358 0041) or email ([email protected]). You should always receive a confirmation of the cancellation by email. We will automatically send the money back to you within the next couple of days according to our terms and conditions.
Cancelled transportation services can be reimbursed at 95% (the payment platfform takes 5%) if the services are cancel 24:00 hours in advance, working schedule Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm after please call to our Local cellphone +52 624 358 0041 (Mountain Time zone). We will not refund any money if the cancellation was made within 24 business hours in advance, day of the service or if you don't show up.
Mountain Time click on: http://es.thetimenow.com/mst/mountain_standard_time
At the moment it is possible to pay with American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards through PayPal. Also, sometimes, in special cases and if you are a repeated customer, we accept cash payment. If you wish to use a different method, please contact our customers service center.
If your reservation was successful, but you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail please first check your e-mail spam folder. If the e-mail is not in your spam filter, please contact our support center.
Yes, we can provide you with an invoice if required. But if you require a "Fiscal Invoice (Valid only in Mexico)" it has an extra a fee of 16%. Please contact our Customer Service Center after making your booking to request an invoice.
The prices shown are always per vehicle and include all taxes and fees. The maximum number of passengers and bags which can comfortably fit in each vehicle are shown under each car class. The number of passengers does not affect the price.
We need to know full details of the service:
*Pick up place
*Full flight details of everyone arriving or departing, if there are different flights we need all the flights details
*Number of passengers
*If you need extra stops and/or waiting time
*Customer's email and mobile number of at least one passenger arriving
*Destination: Full name of the hotel and location or full address of house/bnb
*Special needs of passengers
*If you bring specialized or bulky luggage.
If you have doubts about any of these please contact us before booking.


At arrival our operations staff will monitor the flights to be aware of changes and be there for you, the new pick up time is subject to availability, our price includes 50 minutes of waiting time after landing, should your new arrival time happen during other scheduled service you might have to wait until we finish the scheduled service; Every situation is different, so please contact us in case of an emergency. If you don't contact us and we cannot reach you by phone at the time of a problem, we consider the ride as a no-show. In that case you are not entitled to any reimbursement.
At departure we reconfirm one day before the pickup time through an sms, if we do not receive any changes request we will be there as per the confirmation and sms state, if you need to change your pick up time you can do it up to 12 BUSINESS hours prior the confirmed pickup time; after this time NO changes are accepted, you can book and pay a new service or you can take your scheduled ride.
There is no charge for any flight arriving into Los Cabos that is canceled by the airline. However, it is responsibility of the traveler or booking agent to notify (SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Phone Call) our office at +52 624 358 0041 to let us know of any new travel arrangements. If you don’t notify the office and we send the vehicle to the airport there would be a 100% of charge of the service and you need to pay for a new service.
We will make every attempt to accommodate you, however we don’t guarantee the same vehicle that you want to reserve.
Due to safety we provide car seats without cost, we guarantee 1 car seat per vehicle, but customers are more than welcome to bring their own seats.
Our entire fleet of vehicles and Limousines is nonsmoking. We respect the rights of the smoker, but we also respect the rights of the next passenger who may not smoke.
Yes, if you are over the legal age (18 years or older in Los Cabos) you may consume alcohol, limo service includes 1 bottle of sparkling wine and water or beers and water, also you can bring your own alcohol.
If you don't show up while the driver is waiting for you, this means that costs will be incurred. The driver will normally wait for you up to 50 minutes after the plane has arrived on international airports and 15 min at the hotel during departure services, but if you don't show up he will leave and charge you the full amount. If you are unable to find the driver or car, please contact us directly by dialing the telephone number specified in the voucher. If you cannot reach that number, please call the service center and we will assist you.
If your luggage is lost, please contact the driver directly at the telephone number on top of your voucher and inform him what happened. Depending on how much time is needed to do your baggage claim/report, the driver can either wait for you, or you can cancel the ride. The driver will tell you whether there is or not an additional waiting time fee, if there is a fee you will have to pay it to the driver in cash. Should you decide to cancel the ride instead of asking the driver to wait, the full fare will still be due and cannot be refunded. If you are unable to reach the driver, please contact our service center.
If the vehicle or driver you reserved is not at the location mentioned on the voucher, please first contact us, the number can be found on the voucher. Please be patient and allow the driver at least 20 minutes to arrive. Before leaving the pickup point, you need to let us know. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible by contacting the driver. If that is not possible, we will try to find and book alternative transportation for you. Should this not be possible at all, we will refund your money in the next couple of days. Please note, if you have a problem, you can always call us so we can give you a solution.
Yes, we need to know all the flights in which you are arriving, to schedule accordingly.
It is noted in red at the bottom of your confirmation/receipt.

About our fleet

Cabo Economy class Transfer service carried out by regular taxi cars (sedan) or Vans. The vehicles can usually be recognized as private service. Each car can carry a maximum of 7 persons and suitcases. Special requests, such as child seats, are subject to availability and can be booked at request. Should you require additional care, please inform us at the time of your booking. Toll roads, parking and any other fees are not included in the transfer price.
Cabo Luxury Class
For travelers who appreciate convenience and efficiency at an affordable price. Well-equipped SUV are used, such as the Suburban, Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. The service includes FREE 1 beer per person and water. Special requests, such as child seats, are subject to availability and can be booked at request. Should you require additional care, please inform us at the time of your booking. Toll roads, parking and any other fees are not included in the transfer price.
Cabo Limousine
The highest standard in passenger transportation, carried out with privately owned vehicles such as the Chrysler 300C and Suburban Limo and very skilled and discrete drivers. The service includes 1 bottle of sparkling wine and water or we can change the bottle for 6 Corona beers. Special requests, such as child seats, are subject to availability and can be booked without additional costs. Should you require additional care, please inform us at the time of your booking. Toll roads, parking and any other fees are not included in the transfer price.
Cabo Minibus
Minivans are vehicles for transporting groups like Mercedes Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter. These vehicles can also be used in Economy and Business class. Transportation by minivan is for a maximum of 18 persons and standard-sized pieces of luggage. Special requests, such as child seats, are subject to availability and can be booked at request. Should you require additional care, please inform us at the time of your booking. Toll roads, parking and any other fees are not included in the transfer price.
Cabo Bus
For transportation of more than 18 persons, it is possible to book a coach for up to 60 persons plus luggage. Should you require additional care, please inform us at the time of your booking. Toll roads, parking and any other fees are not included in the transfer price.
Please specify the amount of luggage pieces in the "Special Request" area. If you are not sure if your bags fit into the car, please contact us, and we will help you to make your choice. Limo Chrysler holds up to 5 medium pcs of luggage, Suburban Limo holds up to 10 medium pcs of luggage; the rest of the vehicles often holds as many bags as passengers fits on them; if you are bringing bulky luggage or specialized luggage you should let us know to see if it fits or give you solutions, maybe is necessary to book a small vehicle for luggage with extra cost.

General Information

Ocean Ride airport limo is locally and can book your reservation from Los Cabos Airport, Cabo San Lucas to almost every city in the state of Baja California.
San Jose del Cabo (SJC) and Cancun International Airport (CUN)
Only Pre-booked reservations. But you can contact us to check availability.
No, we only offer private transfers, so the price you pay reserves the vehicle exclusively for your group.
If you require wheelchair space, you can indicate that in the "Special Request" area in step 3 of the booking process. Please use English as language. Foldable wheelchairs are regarded as 1 piece of luggage. Always book a minivan in case you need wheelchair space.
It is possible to add extra stops to a one-way/transfer booking. Extra stops must be requested at booking, they may have an extra cost and are subject to time availability. If you wish to make one or more stops during your ride, we recommend booking an open service per hour. Please list the stops that you would like to make in the "Special Request" box.

Terms and conditions

If you cancel your booking more than 24 business hours in advance, we will refund 95% and the rest (5%) the Bank(payment processor) takes for commission.
We will not refund any money if the cancellation was made within 8 business hours in advance, day of the service or you don't show up.
We need the payment to confirm the reservation and block the vehicle for you. We use PayPal to protect both parties during the reservation process, this is a secure platform that will assure that both parts get the service/payment.
You might be allowed to do so, but it needs a special procedure and meeting point, please request this directly while booking.

After your trip

We strongly recommend for you to check for all of your belongings before releasing the vehicle. Please contact us directly to the telephone number on your voucher and we will inform the driver what happened. We will do everything we can to give you your lost items back, either to your place of residence, or to your home/hotel address. Our vehicles are scheduled for many services during the day, so we might pick up somebody else right after dropping you off. If you find out soon enough about your lost items and contact us or if we find them first and contact you, we agree the terms to return the item. This return might be done during your departure if you booked round trip or we can send it to your hotel, but it will have an extra cost. Please note that any fees incurred will have to be paid before the item is sent back.
Ocean Ride assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items.
We actively welcome our customers' comments and suggestions and treat them as a valuable insight as to how to improve our service. You can also email us with your comments: [email protected]